Sheriff Mike Hale


  • 36-25-5. Personal use of office

(a)          No public official or public employee shall use or cause to be used his or her official position or office to obtain personal gain for himself or herself, or family member of the public employee or family member of the public official, or any business with which the person is associated unless the use and gain are otherwise specifically authorized by law. Personal gain is achieved when the public official, public employee, or a family member thereof receives, obtains, exerts control over, or otherwise converts to personal use the object constituting such personal gain.

(c) No public official or public employee shall use or cause to be used equipment, facilities, time, materials, human labor, or other public property under his or her discretion or control for the private benefit or business benefit of the public official, public employee, any other person, or principal campaign committee as defined in Section 17-22A-2, which would materially affect his or her financial interest, except as otherwise provided by law or as provided pursuant to a lawful employment .

1.WILLIAM CASHION who recieved a badge from Hale department claimed he PAID 100,000 dollars to Sheriff Mike Hale on each election.

2.George Pace signed a sworn statement regarding a  $100,000payment from Cashion to Hale.

3.Multiple people including George Pace my self  Steven Mark Hayden and  Frankie Cashion who was his wife have seen the honorary  Sheriffs deputy  badge that Cashion received from Mike Hale.

4.Cashion is proud of his deputy badge and kept it with him in his wallet for many years  so he can show he deserves special treatment .

This Claim of making payment to Mike Hale was heard by me as well as George Pace .See attached affidavit of George Pace  .

5.Sheriff Mike Hale had personally met William Cashion . Hale had given William  a honorary badge from Jefferson County sheriff department.

  1. Sheriff Mike Hale had gone to the former residence of William Cashion wife Frankie Cashion. See Deposition of Frankie Cashion deposition on page 226 .

7.William Cashion kept a safe at his wife  Frankie house  where Mike Hale visited him .

8.Meeting William Cashion in person at Frankie’s house gave Mike Hale the opportunity to get CASH from William Cashion from his house safe .

9.William had access to hundreds of thousands in cash to corrupt Alabama public officials.

10.Hale was so  eager to get paid he met Cashion where his safe was at Frankie’s house.

The deposition of William Cashion dated August 23 2012 is interesting. Cashion  says he “donates ” regularly. After first denying contributions to Hale he admits “donating “but can  not remember how much .   When Cashion bribes public officials he calls it a “donation”.


After receiving CASH from William Cashion , Sheriff Hale called Bullock County Sheriff and had me

Steven Mark Hayden arrested when no civil contempt proceedings had a fee paid .

The arrest  was executed  issued without payment of civil filing fees or jurisdiction of Jefferson County Court.

Hales subordinates had no jurisdiction to arrest me Steven Mark Hayden because no filing fees were paid.  Hale did not  need jurisdiction to seize me in Bullock county . He just needed William  Cashion to keep up the  “donations” to him .


The word “case” has been defined as a “`state of facts which furnishes occasion for the exercise of the jurisdiction of a court of justice.'” State v. Montevallo Coal Mining Co., 29 Ala.App. 318, 322, 197 So. 82, 85 (1940) (quoting appellee’s brief (emphasis omitted));  page 3 A case for indirect contempt requires for facts outside of courts presence and record and therefor requires  grounds for a new filing fee for new case  . Even the CIRCUIT  CIVIL COVER SHEET includes a box for contempt proceedings which require new payment.

“A proceeding for indirect or constructive contempt is a separate and  independent proceeding”. Opinion of the Clerk, No. 3, May 4, 1977, Ala., 345 So.2d 1338; No. 17, October 3, 1978, Ala., 363 So.2d 97; No. 21, September 27, 1979, Ala., 375 So.2d 1066.

“It is the general rule of this Circuit that the filing of a timely and sufficient notice of appeal acts to divest the trial court of jurisdiction over matters at issue in the appeal, except to the extent that the trial court must act in aid of the appeal. United States v. Hitchmon, 602 F.2d 689, 69 (5th Cir.1979) (en banc).

Cashion accused Hayden of indirect or constructive contempt but  Cashion failed to file proper

filing fee  . Johnson v.Hetzel•100 So.3d 1056, 1057 (Ala. 2012)  It is well established that “ ‘[t]he payment of a filing fee or the filing of a court-approved verified statement of substantial hardship is a jurisdictional prerequisite to the commencement of an action.’ ” Odom v. Odom, 89 So.3d 121, 122 (Ala.Civ.App.2011) (quoting Vann v. Cook, 989 So.2d 556, 559 (Ala.Civ.App.2008), citing in turn De–Gas, Inc. v. Midland Res., 470 So.2d 1218, 1222 (Ala.1985)).


Holding that the failure to satisfy a jurisdictional prerequisite renders a judgment void” Russell

  1. Fuqua ,176 So. 3d 1224 (Ala 2015) “When Circuit court lacks subject-matter jurisdiction,

all orders and judgments entered in the case, except an order of dismissal, are void ab

initio.” Redtop Market, Inc. v. State66 So.3d 204 (Ala.2010).

MIKE HALE HAD NO JURISDICTION TO SEIZE KIDNAP STEVEN MARK HAYDEN IN NOVEMBER 2016. The Jefferson county Circuit court had not received filing fees for contempt proceedings.


The DEPOSITION of Frankie Cashion DATED December 12 2016 and deposition William Cashion August 23 2012 will be placed on

STEVEN MARK HAYDEN           334 462 7328

Complete Pace affidavit